The Bayard Steed Parade 2020

The Bayard Steed Parade on May 24th 2020 once again promises to be a delightful historical event with theatrical and musical re-enactments and contemporary performances brought by around 2000 actors in historical costumes. An impressive backdrop of some 20 floats - some with special effects and drawn by marvelous horses - creates an incredible setting, which will surely dazzle the audience in the streets or on the grandstands. Acrobats, stilt-walkers, flag-throwers, standard-bearers walking along the itinerary, boost the festive feeling of spectators cheering and singing as the parade passes by.
The highlight of each parade is the prancing and dancing of the Bayard Steed, carried by the sturdy dockers guild and ridden by the four children of Aymon, dressed in knight’s armour. They are accompanied by the Bayard Steed Band, incessantly playing the traditional Bayard Song. Also the fiddler, the jester Kalleke Step, the arquebusiers and halberdiers stay by the Bayard Steed’s side.

All along the way, an audience of some 100.000 spectators is treated to a once in a decade experience. The event culminates with spectacular musical fireworks and a sensational afterparty.
Be there in Dendermonde on May 24th 2020!

The sale of grandstand tickets starts on October 15th 2019.
Tickets for the Market Square and Justice Square cannot be reserved, these will be sold exclusively on Saturday November 30th 2019.
The number of tickets that can be purchased for these stands is limited to a maximum of 4 per person. Limitation of tickets for the General Rehearsal : a maximum of 10 tickets per person.